Ubikom: Beyond Email

Ubikom is a digital ID registry, and its utility goes well beyond email. Below are some examples of possible applications.

Connectivity Layer for the Internet of Things

Avatar registry is extremely well suited to serve as a secure foundation of the connectivity layer for the Internet of Things. One of the most visible applications of ID registry could be connected vehicles. The importance of secure connections cannot be overstated: road safety will be imperiled if vehicles are hacked.

Your baby monitor, security camera, or smart thermostat must have safe and reliable online representation. Ubikom protocol removes the need for a hodgepodge of firmware and standardizes interaction with and between objects. This protects the IoT from being hacked through weak links, which may be present anywhere: lax security of your "smart" refrigerator's or vacuum cleaner's connectivity can allow thieves to take over your network, and compromise security of your house.

Using Ubikom's ID registry, it is easy to build fully secure connection protocols, and test them to a very high standard. This will ensure universal robust security.

Universal Wallet

Let’s say that you want to sign up for a local yoga studio, or subscribe to a newspaper, or obtain an undeniable proof of ownership of goods or services. Normally, you would register a name and password with the seller and keep the log-in information for each such service. It is humanly impossible to remember all these logins, and we end up with either just a few log-in combinations, which is very unsafe, or purchase a password manager. When accounts are hacked and passwords leaked, which happens depressingly often, our log-in combinations are exposed, which gives criminals an entry point to steal our identity.

Today, I have passwords saved in my keychain, in my google account, and in my password manager. Keeping them synced is rather involved. Besides, I have many old passwords accumulated over several years, and some of them are not very robust. Perhaps a more organized person would keep it all tidy, but this requires constant attention. I believe that the warnings shown below are typical for many of us.

Now imagine that you signed up with your ubikom avatar instead. No passwords need to be kept anywhere: thanks to public key cryptography, you and only you can authenticate yourself as the owner of this avatar and therefore the owner of the purchase. Even if the seller’s server is hacked, nothing of interest is leaked - your avatar is not a secret.