Generic Client Setup

This page contains instructions on how to set up Ubikom Mail on a generic client, i.e. any mail client that supports SMTP and IMAP protocols. Most clients do.

Check Your Identity Details

From the identity details page, you must have at least the following:

If your client does not support automatic configuration, you will also need these:

Create New IMAP Account

Most email clients support IMAP protocol. When you create a new account, choose IMAP (sometimes you would have to choose "other", or "mail client", etc.)

Specify Account Details

You will have to fill in the account details. Most likely they will come in a few groups, general account information, incoming server (IMAP) details, and outgoing server (SMTP) details. Lets go over them.

General Account Information

Here, you would need to specify a few things:

Incoming Server Information

Here you specify information for your incoming (IMAP) server:

Outgoing Server Information

This section is for outgoing (SMTP) server:


If your setup doesn't work, double-check your settings. You might want to delete this account completely and try to set it up again.

Check the list of known issues here. If you think you have found a bug, submit a new issue, or email